DSEX Data & Times

  • What's the delay on Market Index data?
    DSEX Indices: 2 minute delay
    Share Prices: 2 minute delay
    DSE Announcements: 2 minute delay
    Director Transactions: Updated monthly
    Currencies: Updated daily
  • Why aren't DSEX share prices live? Licensing Restrictions
    Free online data is 2 minutes delayed due to licensing restrictions imposed by the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Access to “live” and “dynamic” share prices will require an account with a distributer (e.g. stockbroker or financial adviser) and must be behind a login. It still has not been implemented anywhere since DSE has not provided anyone with the licensing. But we are working on the process, and when it will be available it will not be free.
  • How can a "Last Trade" timestamp be after 4:10pm
    The DSE closes at 2:30pm but the price isn't considered the "offical" closing price. The "official" closing price is distributed at 2:45pm to 3:00pm. The feed incorporates after-market volumes, price corrections and trade reversals and updates on our site after 4:10pm
  • Share prices and trading data
    All DSE share prices and trading data (e.g. volume, turnover, etc.) is 2mins delayed.
  • PE data calculations
    Annualized EPS : Earning Per Share (EPS) is calculated (estimated annual) based on quarterly reports by taking the consolidated EPS. Any of the below mentioned EPS is taken (whichever is latest). Annualized EPS = 1st quarter EPS * 4 = 2nd quarter EPS * 2 = 3rd quarter EPS * 1.33 = Yearly audited EPS
    Market Capitalization (MCAP) : Total Number of Shares * Closing Price.
    P/E : The price–earnings ratio, also known as P/E ratio, is the ratio of a company's share (stock) price to the company's earnings per share. P/E = MCAP / Annualized EPS
    Weighted average P/E : A weighted average P/E of a sector or entire market (i.e, all stocks listed to the market) is representing an average of P/E a set of stocks where each P/E of a stock takes into account the relative importance/weight in the data set. Weight - Market Capitalization of a stock / Total Market Capitalization Weighted average P/E = sum (Weight of stock * Annualized EPS)