Fundamental Analysis of Financial Markets

Mathematics is one of the deepest and most powerful expressions of pure human reason, and, at the same time, the most fundamental resource for description and analysis of the experiential world.


This course is about the practical application of Fundamental Analysis in financial markets especially in the stock market. Fundamental Analysis is a method of evaluating a company in an attempt to assess its intrinsic value, by examining related economic, financial, and other qualitative and quantitative factors. The end goal of fundamental analysis is to produce a quantitative value that an investor can compare with a company's current stock price, thus indicating whether the stock is undervalued or overvalued. The aim behind this course is to make a beginner who takes this course efficient enough to do their own research based on Fundamental Analysis and be able to make intelligent investment decisions based on their learning.

Course Instructor: Mohammad Hasan Shaharear has been practicing Fundamental Analysis for the last thirteen years and still loves it with a passion. He is a Computer Engineer by profession who completed his MRes in Computing Science from Staffordshire University (UK), working as a Database Engineer in a USA origin software company. Mr. Hasan used to write articles on stock market Investment both in print and electronic media. His investment philosophy is that a well-researched script can generate substantial wealth for its investors. Therefore research based investment is the key to success in the stock market.

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

    A brief discussion about fundamental analysis and its application in stock selection.
  • Financial Report Analysis

    Learn how read financial reports such as - assent statement, income statement and cashflow statement.
  • Ratio Analysis

    it describes several financial ratio calculation such as EPS, PE, ROA, ROE, Debt ratio, Quick ration etc.
  • Investment Methods

    Here you will learn about multiple investment methods such as - Value investing, Income investing, Growth Investing.
  • IPO Valuation

    This illustrate the price fixing formulas of IPO that come under book building method.
  • Security Valuation

    This will teach how to find Intrinsic value of a stock. We will cover gordon growth model, Dividend discount model, Benjamin Graham number and Benjamin Graham formula.
  • Asset Allocation & Portfolio Design

    You will learn the art of allocating your asset in multiple asset classes. It will also describes how to design a investment portfolio.

What you'll learn from this course

  • This course enables you to read and understand financial statements such as asset statement, income statement and cash flow statement.
  • It teaches how to calculate financial ratios that help you to make comparisons between similar companies.
  • After completing this course you will be confident to measure the intrinsic value of securities.
  • It create awareness about asset allocation and portfolio management.
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