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How to Open BO Account?

AmarStock charges 450 taka as your BO account opening charge. This is a one-time online account opening charge. After the account is created you are suggested to fund your account as soon as possible. 450 taka annual CDBL charge will be deducted once you fund your account. Be advised that this annual charge (450 taka) is CDBL charge and has nothing to do with AmarStock. Without the 450 taka transfer, your account will not be created.
To open a BO account, you need recent passport size photograph of yours and the Nominee, National ID card of both yours and the Nominee, a copy of your bank chequebook or bank statement. TIN ( Taxpayer Identity Number ) is not mandatory.
  1. Choose the type of account you want. Then complete our online application form.
  2. You can either fund your account instantly online or mail in your direct deposit. For instant online transfer please contact through our customer care number to get the necessary account information.
By Mail
  1. Download the application and then print it out.
  2. Complete and sign the application.
  3. Send the application with a check made payable to ‘United Financial Trading Company Ltd.’ To the appropriate address.
Account transfer is easy. You’ll have the opportunity to electronically transfer specific assets or entire brokerage account from another firm during the application process.
  1. Open an account in minutes.
  2. Mail a paper request.
  3. Full brokerage transfers are typically completed in ten business days, depending on how quickly the delivering financial institution is able to process your transfer request. We will contact you via phone as soon as we’ve received and processed your transfer.
Simply email us at
You can start trading after you have funded your account and those funds have cleared.
Depending on your amount of deposit our commissions and margin rates are among the lowest in the industry.
Choose the method that works best for you:
  1. Transfer money electronically. You can simply login to your bank’s online portal and transfer the amount to our brokerage account any time of the day. After the transfer just email scanned acknowledgement receipt. Your money will be transferred within 2 business days.
  2. By cheque. You can easily deposit a cheque to our designated bank account.
  3. By wire transfer. Wire transfers are fast and secure.
  4. Transfer an account. Move an account from another brokerage.
Brokerage accounts must be funded with atleast 5000 taka within 60 days of account opening or the account will be closed.
Brokerage accounts must be funded with atleast 5000 taka within 60 days of account opening or the account will be closed.
Yes. To open a margin account please contact our customer care. There are different forms for it. For margin rates please ask the customer care operator. These rates are variable as it depends on the bank lending rates.
No. By law we cannot advise you any stocks or mutual fund. What we do is we help you learn to make decision on trading or investing on your own through various courses and seminars.
You can simply call us and tell us to BEFTN the amount to your bank. It usually takes 3 business days.